Thursday, May 26, 2016




Leland Neff: "I do believe one's essence can be seen in one's work. If one looks at my work, one sees me clearer than if one looks at me directly."

BPP: Who are you? And who are you really?

Leland Neff: My name is Leland H. Neff. I'm an artist: painter and photographer from the United States of America. My name means the land. I believe it is appropriate for me. I feel grounded with an appreciation of the land. I see and I try to express what I see in my work.

Leland Neff: I often find others do not have the desire to look but instead learn in other ways what they think that they're seeing without the investiation or question to look. My work is challenged based in the way of an adventure. I've lived and traveled to all ports of the world with enthusiasm for each new adventure and vision. My work comes from this excitement and desire to share what I've seen and felt.

BPP: If you could say something important you've learned all these years of your life, to the other people and they were able to listen to you, what would you like to tell them?

Leland Neff: There are three primary colors. All colors seen are combinations and percentages of those three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Any combinations of these colors are beautiful and takes away any fears of creating anything but pure beauty.

BPP: What is your real dream, the one that keeps you awake at nights and if one day it would come true, you would feel your heart calm and peaceful?

Leland Neff: All the artist's work that I've loved reflected their environment and their life. My dream is or was to create a beautiful life to reflect. I've been developing My Land, a 150 acre horse farm surrounded by rivers, hills and forests, with all the "friends" that are born on the farm. I grow most of my food in a garden and cut and split my wood to stay warm. I grow my own flowers and watch the births of my beautiful herd.

Peace on the farm was taken away last end of summer when a flash flood came and washed my beautiful herd of 22 horses away. The day before I indeed, after all the nights dreaming, had believed the dream was a reality come true,... then gone. I am thankful to at least have realized my dream and have had time living the dream.

BPP: How is life for the people in your country today? What do you wish to happen to them and to the people of this planet at large?

Leland Neff: I have as I said lived in many parts of the world and met amazing people everywhere. I've been embraced by people of many relgions and cultures and many levels of society. There remains pockets of bitter, uneducated people that strike out of fear and jealousy and ignoriance. I wish all to be enlightened.

BPP: If you had the chance to be a child again, will you choose to do the same life you do?

Leland Neff: Oh I probably would. I would thank my beautiful Mother many, many time more though.

BPP: Which exactly was the moment you understood what you want to do in your life? How did you feel at this very moment?

Leland Neff: There was never a moment nor a moment of hesitation or doubt. I have followed my heart for better or worse adnno matter what.

BPP: Something your: Do you want to tell us something we didn't ask you until now?

Leland Neff: I do believe one's essence can be seen in one's work. If one looks at my work one seem me clearer than if one looks at me directly.

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paintings copyright by Leland Neff, photos copyright by Pelito Galvez, Yasmina Rossi, Matthias Clamer, All rights reserved.

Leland Neff's art does invoke the vision of dreams come true. I hope he can rebuild his dream and that he will continue to share it with us through his work.