Thursday, May 19, 2016


COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE NORTH AMERICAN CHAPTER, SOTHEBY'S AUCTION, DONATION BY LELAND NEFF ESQ. A COMMISSIONED PORTRAIT BY LELAND NEFF KINDLY DONATED BY: LELAND NEFF ESQ. "As a painter, Leland Neff's classic compositions in oil have immortalized numerous fine horses and their owners in stately serenity even as he also creates kinetic, impressionistic tableaus of horse races, hunts and wild ponies on the hoof. After chasing beauties and bests across five continents, the intrepid Leland has found a new world on his 140 acre farm in upstate NY. As a fashion photographer, Leland snapped super models and Argentinean gauchos, designer-clad aristocrats and weather worn rustics." "Leland is an internationally renowned artist and photographer who is often praised as the finest equestrian/ sporting artist practicing today. He brings an unusually gifted precision of craftsmanship to the canvas with a luminance and vitality that emerges into a profound result.: Leland is proud to once again support the Countryside Alliance. This year he is offering a painted portrait in oil of the purchaser, either alone, with their favourite animal or of the animal alone. Sold, $11500.

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